Japanese Program for University Undergraduates

Eligibility :

This is a Japanese course offered as part of the liberal education curriculum. This is designed for those international students who plan to earn a bachelor’s degree from Tohoku University (Liberal education is mainly for first and second year undergraduate students and in addition to the Japanese classes mentioned above, the program includes foreign language curricula such as English and German.)

Goals :

Those international students who plan to earn a bachelor's degree in Japanese under the general course of Tohoku University will attend advanced level Japanese classes, while those international students who plan to earn a bachelor's degree in English under the FGL Program (see below) will attend beginner to early-intermediate level Japanese classes.

Advanced-level Japanese classes for general international students
   Spring semester: Japanese A, C, E, G, I
   Fall semester: Japanese B, D, F, H, I
Japanese classes for international students belonging to FGL program: Basic Japanese 1, Basic Japanese 2, Intermediate Japanese

You can gain access to syllabi of the Japanese classes here

Period :

The above-mentioned Japanese classes follow the general schedule of the liberal education program of Tohoku University.

*The overview of Future Global Leadership (FGL) program is here.

Contact Address:
Postal Address:University-wide Education Implementation Section, Kyomu-ka, Tohoku University, 41 Kawauchi, Aoba-ku, Sendai, 980-8576 JAPAN
Phone Number:81-22-795-7558/7562 (Country number-Area code-795-7558/7562)
E-mail address:kyom-j*grp.tohoku.ac.jp (Replace ‘*’ with ‘@’)